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Company Introduction

Salom is one of Top 5 power solutions manufacturer world-wide and a trusted partner to many Fortune 100 companies, having supplied more than 1.5 billion power products over its 40 year history.  In almost in every household and office across the world you can find Salom’s products powering digital cameras, medical testing devices, smart phones, shavers, portable wi-fi routers, walkie-talkies, set top boxes, phone conference systems, vacuum cleaners, motor bikes and numerous other consumer and enterprise electronics. 

Salom has 2 manufacturing facilities namely Salom Electric (or so-called Salom Xiamen) and Hung’s Enterprise and they both are located in the beautiful city of Xiamen, South East China.  Salom Xiamen is the world-wide Headquarters and has production facility the factory that does more than 10 million pcs of product final assembly monthly and also the Headquarters of Salom World-wide where is easily accessible from the international airport nearby and mature logistic infrastructure that allow to ship goods quickly to every major cities globally.  As 100% invested by Salom Xiamen and a part of vertical integration, Hungs Enterprise produced and supplied plastic parts, stampings, copper wires, cables, transformer and other power supply components to Salom Xiamen from its owns +200,000 m2 industrial park where also provide significant space for further future expansion. 

To enable more global consumers to experience the quality Salom products in their daily life, Salom has developed its own portfolio of innovative and highly efficient green USB products, and launched as a brand in 2012.  This has increased exposure of Salom products in world press, trade shows, US national TV, and popular media.  Salom’s products are now distributed through its own sales channels in major markets as well as 3rd party distributors on a local basis.

Despite the adverse global economic conditions since 2008, through continual internal training, LEAN manufacturing improvements, investment in product innovation coupled to excellent customer service provided by Salom’s district offices in 3 different continents sales have grown robustly.  As Salom’s Management Team is determined to further expand through recruitment and reinvestment, there is no doubt that Salom will maintain its global market leadership, while the name "Salom" becomes an increasingly popular brand.​

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